Puerto Rican Alliance of ELizabeth, Inc.

New Jersey | Est. 2015

Mission Statement

The Puerto Rican Alliance of Elizabeth NJ, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 organization committed and dedicated to bringing our Puerto Rican and Hispanic community together.  By celebrating our culture and traditions, we are able to educate and foster pride within our community.  Cultural enrichment along with education is one of our main objectives therefore developing and implementing educational programs, scholarships, and serving the needs of our community are some of our top priorities.  Our mission is to create unity, and pride, through cultural awareness and education.  Together we stand strong with one voice in keeping our culture alive.

“La Patria no es bandera, ni es himno, ni es ruido.
La Patria es esfuerzo creador, 
es sentido de responsabilidad social,
es respeto a la razón y es amor a la libertad.”   
  – Luis A. Ferré